Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Omg A Product Review!: BeeFreeHonee & BFH Lip Scrub!

I received as part of a product review Bee Free Honee.
 Beefreehonee is made from apples instead of bees. Bee Free Honee is an all-natural, Minnesota made, Sweetener that uses apples only from the Midwest. Use Bee Free Hone any way you would use traditional honey, Without charge, Enjoy!
Vegan Friendly. Safe for Children. beefreehonee.com

Bee Free Honee is great for:

Small Children, as there is no fear of Botulism

Those allergic to traditional honey

Foodies looking for a new flavor

How It All started: Bee Free Honee is the brain-child of Katie Sanchez. Katie's love of cooking started when she was young. Growing up in Mound, MN, her family had an apple orchard in their front yard and her father (ironically) was a bee keeper. For her tenth birthday gift, she asked to be able to cook dinner for her family, on the stove and by herself. Cooking has been her passion for as long as she can remember.

My View
I have to say the price of it is outstanding for this amount! I have reviewed other products before that charge you products for $15.00 or more and they give it to you half full. It is super sweet and delicious. When I first tried it, I cant get my hands off from it. I shared it to my family and my liittle brother cant get his hands off from it too

I just love the packaging, Its simple but I am a enviromental friendly girl and the packaging is totally great. The package is brown mixed will all kinds of paper. That my friend is fantastic. I love being eco friendly. When I recieve things eco friendly they get a bonus points from me!

BeeFreeHonee has the same consistency, and colour of honey. My first taste, It fooled me at first because it taste like honey and then I tried it again, It taste like apples as soon as possible. It’s sticky, sweet with a bit tartness . I tried on things like on my biscuits, pancakes, waffles, And on my teas for natural sweeteners. Also I made a lipscrub using beefreehonee. A really tasty lipscrub. And its great for vegans! I love vegan food and people say that vegan foods has no flavor but it does has flavor. Bee free honee has really nice flavor.
This is what they said on their website and it is true!...

Bee Free Honee is a unique sweetener with a slightly tart flavor. It is "apple honey" in that it is made from apples rather than by bees! We use only three all natural ingredients, apple, vegan quality sugar, and lemon juice. There is nothing artificial, no added color and no corn syrup. 

                                            ★And my video of my lipscrub here it is.....
                  ★Website- http://www.beefreehonee.com/
                      Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bee-Free-Honee/
                      Twitter-      http://twitter.com/applehonee
Beefreehonee gave me their products to review. I was not given to give false review. I wrote down my opinions. I did not get paid to write down false info.. Who would do that? xoxo Dee

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