Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nail mini Review!! Ombre nails,Julep Maven and more!

Nails Nails Nailpolish Nails...!!!
I have so many things to talk about

The new style ombre. Ombre is appering everywhere. On nails,pants,shirts and even on hair. By the way my sister has ombre hair.

My sister had provided us an ombre nail tutorial. Make sure to check out her channel pikpoppanda.
She cares about her subbies so much! She is the pincess of nails.

  • The products that are here are...
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails white
  • Sally Hansen Hards as Nails Purple
  • NYC long wearing Pink Promenade Creme 109
  • Essie Turquoise & Caicos ( My Favorite and optional)
  • Sally Hansen clear coat
  • Make Up Sponge


                                                             Next is Julep Maven
I have recieved the july julep maven box. I forget to cancel my julep maven but its okay.
The packaging is so pretty. I came with candy and red white and blue confettie. I payed 19.00 for this box. Its a monthly subscription.
the colors are...

And the next one was a surprise! I never knew julep maven has lipgloss.
This lipgloss smells so good. I just want to eat it! Almost like candy.
The only nailpolish I tried on is America. Very nice and sparkley. And I have tried the lipgloss. Super amazing, It just smell outstanding.

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