Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crown n Glory Hair Review!

Hello OkFashionReviews Fans! I'm coming out today to talk to you about an amazing natural product that is really great for your hair! The products are Crown-N-Glory!

First of all there products are made out of  natural wonder ingredients! Their goal is to use organic, pure and natural ingredients on all our products to help promote healthier hair. Their products are also sulfates, Parabens, toxins, silicons or drying alcohols!
I love natural ingredients in my hair. Ever since I transition I started to use natural products.

The products that have received is the shampoo bar ( it's in the video) hair royal butter, revive deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, and Mary Jane oil! I was so excited to test out the product and let me tell you, I got some really nice amazing results!

Crown-n-Glory Shampoo- I have to say as soon as you open the bag it smells wonderful! I always use shampoo in a bottle but never as a bar. It's something new for me! When you wet it, it lathers really good and you have to put it in a circular motion. Then after rinse it out! I think it is perfect if your traveling! You don't have to carry a big bottle of shampoo or conditioner.

The second product I have is the deep conditioner. Let me tell you, this conditioner smells really good! It have a very unique smell. To make this work really good on your hair, make sure you apply it on you hair. Scalp to tip. Then cover your hair with a plastic cap and apply heat on it for 20min. Then after that rinse it out! You will see so much improvements! My hair was really soft and really shiny. I just love this deep conditioner it's extremely good!

My favorite product! It gives really great twist outs and braid outs. Made it so soft and very shiny. I'm a transition and I'm going strong! I'm a transition and great styles are Bantu knots, twist outs for me. Being a transition is hard but I'm still hanging in there.

Here is a picture of my twist out. 
And here is another picture

As you can see! The royal butter cream is so amazon and high quality! It does such amazing twist outs. My sister has such movie star natural hair! And my hair is in the transition process. I'm so happy that I have natural hair.

Leave in conditioner is amazing! It smells really good and I use this on my natural hair and on my Senegalese twist! To put it on your Senegalese twist just add water to a bottle and squirt some leave-in in there and spray it all over your hair! Your hair would look so nice and shiny. Also it would smell so amazing! I always have to put in leave-in in my hair because sometimes my hair would feel dry almost everyday. So this is a great product for me.

Last but not least is the most spectacular oil I have ever tried. And I'm going to be crying if I ran out of this. Mary Jane oil is loaded with so many natural things!

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