Monday, October 28, 2013

St.Ives and Nexxus Review!

Hello my lovely fans I am here to review to you st.Ives and Nexxus shampoo. I was super excited to try out there products! I love every second of it. The products I have received is the St.Ives Pear soy body wash and St.ives exfoliation pads. I have also received Nexxus hair care products shampoo and conditioner.

St.Ives Pear Soy Body- I love this body wash very much! I love the smell of it it smells exactly like pears.Pears are delicious and this tart body wash is the perfect cheap treat your shower!
Although I associate pears with summer the St. Ives Revitalizing Pear & Soy Body Wash is the perfect tart treat to enjoy pears year round.
This is a delicious sparkling scent that has a just picked ripe pear scent. It’s tart, fruity, and has a slight sweet, sugary edge! Delightful!
The rich body wash includes soy, a protein-rich nutrient, and Pear Extract, which are both known to moisturize skin. It leaves my skin soft after use with a lingering tart pear scent and creates mounds of moisturizing lather!

The most awesome part of all....
The $2.99-$3.99 price tag for a very large bottle!
If you need a cheap treat to grace your shower do pick this one up! It smells delicious :)

Nexxus Shampoo- I love trying out shampoos! im in cosmetology class and I love shampoo even more. this shampoo left my hair extremely fluffy and clean! it also has that really nice scent to it.
so now lets gets started into the important part!
This shampoo makes my hair SO SOFT, full of body and healthy looking! The scent is great, too, and it lasts all day. I will use this shampoo for as long as they make it! my hair is shinier, feels more alive, it's easier to comb. It gives me that sensation of comfort that the shampoo commercials like to talk about but, somehow, I've never felt before.
This stuff is super! I thought I was using good shampoo before, but this stuff practically makes my hair SING!

Nexxus Conditioner- 
Leaves Hair Soft & Nourished
Rinses Clean
  • Feels Incredibly Rich
  • Use Every Day
  • Keeps Hair Looking Beautiful, Healthy & Full of Life
Silicone-Free formula with our premium H20 Nutrient-Rich Technology, a blend of deep sea minerals, antioxidants & hydrating polymers, delicately nourish hair without weighing it down.  Exceptional hydration with 85% more fullness & body*, for hair that is visibly healthy, soft & full of life.
 I was able to try Nexxus Salon Hair Care Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner, and I loved it! I was so impressed with the salon quality at an affordable price. I also loved the look, feel, and scent of the conditioner. My hair was soft, light weight, and full of natural life. I love that I can use this every day, because I have crazy curls that need conditioner often!

That is all ! thank you for reading my review for this product! i really love their products extremely much! Everything smelled pretty awesome! Make sure to check out their products in stores. I have to give a big thanks to them for letting me review!

*This is my review! I am very honest when it comes to reviewing!*

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