Monday, October 28, 2013

St.Ives and Nexxus Review!

Hello my lovely fans I am here to review to you st.Ives and Nexxus shampoo. I was super excited to try out there products! I love every second of it. The products I have received is the St.Ives Pear soy body wash and St.ives exfoliation pads. I have also received Nexxus hair care products shampoo and conditioner.

St.Ives Pear Soy Body- I love this body wash very much! I love the smell of it it smells exactly like pears.Pears are delicious and this tart body wash is the perfect cheap treat your shower!
Although I associate pears with summer the St. Ives Revitalizing Pear & Soy Body Wash is the perfect tart treat to enjoy pears year round.
This is a delicious sparkling scent that has a just picked ripe pear scent. It’s tart, fruity, and has a slight sweet, sugary edge! Delightful!
The rich body wash includes soy, a protein-rich nutrient, and Pear Extract, which are both known to moisturize skin. It leaves my skin soft after use with a lingering tart pear scent and creates mounds of moisturizing lather!

The most awesome part of all....
The $2.99-$3.99 price tag for a very large bottle!
If you need a cheap treat to grace your shower do pick this one up! It smells delicious :)

Nexxus Shampoo- I love trying out shampoos! im in cosmetology class and I love shampoo even more. this shampoo left my hair extremely fluffy and clean! it also has that really nice scent to it.
so now lets gets started into the important part!
This shampoo makes my hair SO SOFT, full of body and healthy looking! The scent is great, too, and it lasts all day. I will use this shampoo for as long as they make it! my hair is shinier, feels more alive, it's easier to comb. It gives me that sensation of comfort that the shampoo commercials like to talk about but, somehow, I've never felt before.
This stuff is super! I thought I was using good shampoo before, but this stuff practically makes my hair SING!

Nexxus Conditioner- 
Leaves Hair Soft & Nourished
Rinses Clean
  • Feels Incredibly Rich
  • Use Every Day
  • Keeps Hair Looking Beautiful, Healthy & Full of Life
Silicone-Free formula with our premium H20 Nutrient-Rich Technology, a blend of deep sea minerals, antioxidants & hydrating polymers, delicately nourish hair without weighing it down.  Exceptional hydration with 85% more fullness & body*, for hair that is visibly healthy, soft & full of life.
 I was able to try Nexxus Salon Hair Care Hydra-Light Weightless Moisture Conditioner, and I loved it! I was so impressed with the salon quality at an affordable price. I also loved the look, feel, and scent of the conditioner. My hair was soft, light weight, and full of natural life. I love that I can use this every day, because I have crazy curls that need conditioner often!

That is all ! thank you for reading my review for this product! i really love their products extremely much! Everything smelled pretty awesome! Make sure to check out their products in stores. I have to give a big thanks to them for letting me review!

*This is my review! I am very honest when it comes to reviewing!*

Enjoy Hair Care!

 I was so excited to get to review the ENJOY’s  Sulfate-Free Hydrating. I'm happy that they gave a chance for OkFashionReviews to review their products.

Hello everyone! I am here today to talk about this lovely hair care  The ENJOY Sulfrate free Hydrating Shampoo gently cleanses, moisturizes and smooths hair while indulging the senses. ENJOY Hydrating Conditioner moisturizes and softens hair.

Enjoy Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo- Hydrating does what it says and hydrates my ends, so my hair stays soft and does not dry up. I use the Hydrating conditioner as well and love it! This shampoo made my hair look and feel amazing. I get my hair straightened from time to time and have since realized how less damaging sulfate-free shampoos are.
I've used Burt's Bees and L'oreal sulfate-free shampoos and none of them make my hair as soft and shiny as this. I also really ENJOY (puns, hehe) the smell, it's fruity but not overwhelming. I straighten my hair almost everyday and have always had dry, damaged hair but after I started using this I actually received compliments from my friends on how great my hair looked, which really surprised me as my hair has never been one of my best features.
At $20 a pop it's definitely a luxury product, but my hair is always at its best when using this shampoo. sooner im going to get my hair cut soon! so my hair can be healthy silky
and nice.

Enjoy Hydrating Conditioner-Amazing for dry hair! If you have normal hair, this is best to use twice a week! This product does an amazing job! I always get compliments about my hair and this product was a part of my hair routine for quite a long time. It's on a higher price range, but your hair will love you for it.
P.S I wouldn't recommend it for people with oily type of hair. I love using this all the time for my co-wash and prepoos. I'm going natural so I have to was my hair alot with conditioner. My mom also said that sulfate free shampoos are completely great for your hair. sulfates are bad for you! Its like eating junk food everyday. Its like feeding junk food to your hair! you get what I mean? washing my hair with the hydrating conditioner made my hair smell super nice and made my hair very clean. I recommend this product to naturals like me and any type of hair types!

ENJOY Hair Mask
Is designed expressly for enriching and smoothing dry and unruly hair. Keratin Amino Acids (90-150mw) naturally repair and strengthen hair, adding elasticity. With a pH 4.5-5.5 ENJOY Hair Mask adds strength to the surface of hair, smoothing the cuticle without building up, leaving hair feeling incredibly soft, silky and easy to manage.

I love these hair care products. Enjoy makes my hair feel so smooth, soft and healthy. I have been using the Enjoy shampoo and conditioner for a couple weeks now and I can definitely tell a difference. My hair is more manageable and just feels much more healthy. All their products are PH balanced and all have a non-greasy formula. I was highly impressed by the quality of these products.  I really did feel like I’d just walked out of the salon after each time I used them.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Crown n Glory Hair Review!

Hello OkFashionReviews Fans! I'm coming out today to talk to you about an amazing natural product that is really great for your hair! The products are Crown-N-Glory!

First of all there products are made out of  natural wonder ingredients! Their goal is to use organic, pure and natural ingredients on all our products to help promote healthier hair. Their products are also sulfates, Parabens, toxins, silicons or drying alcohols!
I love natural ingredients in my hair. Ever since I transition I started to use natural products.

The products that have received is the shampoo bar ( it's in the video) hair royal butter, revive deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, and Mary Jane oil! I was so excited to test out the product and let me tell you, I got some really nice amazing results!

Crown-n-Glory Shampoo- I have to say as soon as you open the bag it smells wonderful! I always use shampoo in a bottle but never as a bar. It's something new for me! When you wet it, it lathers really good and you have to put it in a circular motion. Then after rinse it out! I think it is perfect if your traveling! You don't have to carry a big bottle of shampoo or conditioner.

The second product I have is the deep conditioner. Let me tell you, this conditioner smells really good! It have a very unique smell. To make this work really good on your hair, make sure you apply it on you hair. Scalp to tip. Then cover your hair with a plastic cap and apply heat on it for 20min. Then after that rinse it out! You will see so much improvements! My hair was really soft and really shiny. I just love this deep conditioner it's extremely good!

My favorite product! It gives really great twist outs and braid outs. Made it so soft and very shiny. I'm a transition and I'm going strong! I'm a transition and great styles are Bantu knots, twist outs for me. Being a transition is hard but I'm still hanging in there.

Here is a picture of my twist out. 
And here is another picture

As you can see! The royal butter cream is so amazon and high quality! It does such amazing twist outs. My sister has such movie star natural hair! And my hair is in the transition process. I'm so happy that I have natural hair.

Leave in conditioner is amazing! It smells really good and I use this on my natural hair and on my Senegalese twist! To put it on your Senegalese twist just add water to a bottle and squirt some leave-in in there and spray it all over your hair! Your hair would look so nice and shiny. Also it would smell so amazing! I always have to put in leave-in in my hair because sometimes my hair would feel dry almost everyday. So this is a great product for me.

Last but not least is the most spectacular oil I have ever tried. And I'm going to be crying if I ran out of this. Mary Jane oil is loaded with so many natural things!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

More Reviews Soon Yay

Hey you guys! I am finally back. I have been pretty busy with school work and I have been getting A's and B's! having a education is extremely important. So im going to review items such as hair care, yummy treats and also GIVEAWAYS!! yes giveaways. Yes so stick around and don't leave. make sure to comment. If you have any comments or questions about the items I review I would love to answer them. Thank you everyone