Friday, July 29, 2016 Movie Deals!

Hello everyone! I am here to talk to you about! Way is a revolutionary site that helps you get what you are looking for in a affordable price. It is very fast and friendly, also providing excellent service to their customers. So if you are booking a wonderful vacation somewhere of in California or just dining out with your family (Also providing $5 meals by Way) This site is a special spot for you. One thing that I noticed, They provide a location search that is very helpful for you if you are looking for something local around your area or when you are planning a trip.

Since I'm a movie fanatic, I would be talking about their movie ticket deals. Almost every week my wallet would shrink in size just by going to the movies with my friends and family. Why shouldn't I stop you say? Because I love movies extremely much!! Movies such as the Suicide Squad and Nerve would be coming out so I'm going to make sure that I am going to be first in line!

Sites I mainly shop at for movie tickets!!!

After doing a lot of my research I was so surprised on how affordable the tickets where.  No more expensive tickets for me every week and with my family. I will be mainly sure that I would be sticking by ways.

Make sure to check out there website so you can learn more about them and there social media

Thursday, July 28, 2016

GoFundMe My Dog Bailey!! Help Save Her!

Hello everyone!! So our dog blog buddy Bailey have been diagnosed with bladder stone :( Its been very painful for her. So we need your help!! Make sure to share the GoFundMe Page on Facebook.

I had Bailey for 4 years ago, She was very brittle and frail when we first had her. My sister was extremely lucky enough to rescure her. Our dog bailey had always stood by our side whenever the whole family was sick.  And now she's not feeling well and we need your help so she can live on.

Click Here!! So you can join to save her!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Interviews And Reviews Best On The Go!! With Periscope

This summer with Periscope I would be broadcasting live at events, places and so much more!

Follow me on periscope Username: Trinipop_ninja
When following me I would be doing daily talks, Paintings, and follow me around.

My next events would be conventions In Florida and also would be going to a cruise ship. Hope to see you soon on periscope.

This is a very fun and a convenient way to give you live updates on the go and to show you great places to show.