Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Julep Maven

Hello im going to review this wonderful julep maven box. I got this box for a penny by using the code COLOR2012. And also you can cancle your first box. Make sure to call in to cancle unlike me.
I forgot to cancle and I received the second box.
The box is really pretty also! I was very surprised. They did it so nice and neatly
Ok so to start of I recieved the pedi creme. It smells really nice and it kindof smell like pepermints. It says that you have to apply it on your feet nightly.
Second I recieved hot pink nail polish. It worked the best! It stayed on my nails for a couple of days and then it chips. Its a very pretty color. It dried up pretty quickly then the other color that I recived.
Third is the light mint color. I have to say that it dried really slow, and you have to apply so many coats to get the color. I did not liked it that much, but it is extremely pretty. If you have patients then this mint nailpolish is totally right for you.
my style for this box was 'Classic with a Twist'. You can change your style if your going with the plan.

I give this box 5stars! Its is well worth it for a penny if you think about it. Plus Free shipping!! so getting a julep maven box is extremely affordable.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kpop look of the day! Goes to......

                                                                   Key from Shinee
                                    He is super stylish and I found some outfits that matches him.
  • Star Vest
  • Nerd glasses I heard you get a free pair of glasses but you only pay shipping. Shipping is around $6.00

                                               He has pink hair in this video everyone :D

Omg A Product Review: BIC® Soleil® Savvy™

I just love the shaver! Its really smooth and the grip is really nice and colorful. Make your legs really smooth with BIC® Soleil® Savvy™. I just one one from Buzzagent Awesome and the best thing is......I got this for FREE! and you can get the coolest stuff their! dont believe? Then go to youtube and search buzzagent!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kpop Look of the day!!!

Here are some great clothing to match up to him.

Im a big fan of zelo so here it goes!

Zelo !!
okay zelo has so much cool clothes and he can rap really good. He is in a group called B.A.P

      1.Zelo loves wearing studs!               
    2. Zelo just loves wearing a mask!
    3. He wears colorful skinny jeans
      4.He always always wears a mask
       no matter what

       5. He wears bright clothes and dark colors

All of the clothing are from ...... in my opinion! Disclaimer

Grab the Kpop look:Wonder Girl

Allkpop's fashion series is sponsored by is a leader in Asian Fashion, Specializing in celebrity fashion as well as wholesale. Click here to browse and shop the catalog I started to freak out that they have kpop fashion and to make it even better its in wholesale!!! But first you have to make an account to see their price! But some of their clothes expensive

All credit goes to
Without we would not know were to get fashion like this. And all this stuff is my opinion.
Wonder girls fashion is just fun,bright,and girly.

1. Colorblock Dress @ Forever 21 $24.80
2. Studded Jacket @ Zara $89.90
3. Slit Back Top @ Topshop £32.00
4. Flounced Floral Dress @ Forever 21 $15.80
5. Tie Dye Short @ Urban Outfitters $49.00
6. Sandals @ H&M $34.95

Monday, June 11, 2012

Kpop Look Of The Day!! ....Drumrole....!!

Hanbyul!!! I have to say that this guys outfits are beautiful! you can compare his outfits to, Im sure you will see something similar to his. He is the lead singer of LedApple and their popular song is 'Time is up' and 'Sadness' My favorite song is sadness. In my opinion I think the whole group looks stunning!

Stay Your Hair Sleek And Shine

Experience All New Sleek And Shine.
They said it is their best formula ever! I tried it and they are right in my opinion. My hair is really thick and curly so it works for me. Its ultra smoothing, Argan oil from morocco, And also stay for 3days straight with the sleek and shine system. If you tried it please tell me your results! it would be really awesome if you reply :]

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Drink

Thinking what would be a great summer drink? Simply Lemonade is the best in my opinion. Its not too sweet or sour and it is awesome if your going to a picnic or going to the beach with your friends and family. so what do you say?  What is the best summer drink for you?

And plus these outfits looks like a great look to go out for a picnic  or going out with your friends :)

Lemonade | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Simply Lemonade

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Shorts For Guys

Look at these colorful shorts! They are so pretty and the cool thing is.... They are for Dudes at Hollister. guys are going to look pretty cool if they wear this. They come in all of the colors of the rainbow. My favorite color is the bright pink. if you choose the top row you have alot of guts, But if you wear the basic black and are very boring lol

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bettys Out Their Hollister FlipFlops Summer

Hollister SoCal Prep Collection.Leather Beach Flip Flops
In Hollister It has really bute flipflops for Summer :). I really want to get them so bad but their $34.00 a little pricey but hey they are really cute though. Not going to lie about that.
Leather Flip Flops
Leather Beach Flip Flops

Vintage Shorts This Summer

Vintage Shorts!! I like vintage shorts. I only have 1 myself. Soon im going to buy tons. A Deep Blue gives it a nice vintage feel.
This shorts is from Forever21 and it is still available and this bracelet is from and im thinking about to order it Today,Tommorow or soon. I dont know, still thinking about it
Elegant Wrap Around Design Braided PU Leather Bracelet Wristband Wrist Ornament with Needle Buckle for Lady - Brown

Vintage Summer Look 2

(2) Baylie Rajter
Nadine FarKorea Fashion Laconic Style Unisex Leather BraceletSomething to wear to the beach or just a walk on the board walk in Malibu California. This outfit is from, The bracelet is from This nail design is really cute and helpful for your vintage beach outfit.
disclaimer: i was not paid nor asked by to promote or review there clothes this is all my opinions.

Vintage Summer Look

This look is from forever21. I really love their clothes and I love the Floral tank top. It looks really vintage and the worn out blue shorts also. I think they have the shorts in the store too. Its a nice beach vintage look. Catching the waves. Surfs Up!
Blue Hippy Van Art Print by Simplyhue | Society6Tumblr_m1h4w5mam01qmrzj6o1_500_largedisclaimer: i was not paid nor asked by to promote or review there clothes this is all my opinions.

Basic Summer Looks from

A cute simple look. Not to much stuff just very basic.  At for such a low price.  Summer is here and you want to look extremely nice and smell really nice too. I wish i can get this outfit. I  love the bag and this look reminds me of an Indiana Jones look. she looks very Adventurous.  disclaimer: i was not paid nor asked by to promote or review there clothes this is all my opinions.

Basic Summer Look! From

 This is a really nice summer basic look! This  blouse is from and it is a wonderful website. and the best thing is their clothes are really cheap! a wholesale online store. the blouse is not heavy so you can sweat your nerves out. It is just nice and free. I have a blouse that is similiar to this but looks alot awesome.        disclaimer: i was not paid nor asked by to promote or review there clothes this is all my opinions.

Fragrance Mist & Splash!

                                                                                                           Fine fragrance in a mist as light as air. Discover a better, more delicate fragrance experience in over 20 Signature fragrances. It’s love at first mist! Exclusively at Bath & Body Works. you can smell really nice! i reminds me of summer and spring!

They Have a wonderful New Collection!!!

disclaimer: i was not paid nor asked by Bed&Body works to promote or review there clothes this is all my opinions.