Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grab the Kpop look:Wonder Girl

Allkpop's fashion series is sponsored by Zipia.net. Zipia.net is a leader in Asian Fashion, Specializing in celebrity fashion as well as wholesale. Click here to browse and shop the Zipia.net catalog I started to freak out that they have kpop fashion and to make it even better its in wholesale!!! But first you have to make an account to see their price! But some of their clothes expensive

All credit goes to Allkpop.com
Without Allkpop.com we would not know were to get fashion like this. And all this stuff is my opinion.
Wonder girls fashion is just fun,bright,and girly.

1. Colorblock Dress @ Forever 21 $24.80
2. Studded Jacket @ Zara $89.90
3. Slit Back Top @ Topshop £32.00
4. Flounced Floral Dress @ Forever 21 $15.80
5. Tie Dye Short @ Urban Outfitters $49.00
6. Sandals @ H&M $34.95

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