Saturday, December 22, 2012

Nunaat Karite special Review and Giveaway!

NuNAAt Karite Special! Review and Giveaway!!

                       Hey Followers

So excited to do this review!! I love NuNAAT 

and my first time trying them! I contacted 

them after a Facebook friend had raved to me about it.

 Little did I know that I would recieve and 

ENTIRE line 

from them.The Brazilian Keratin Line :D

Benefits of this product!

  • Packed with vitamin A, D, E and F
  • Protects hair from harmful sun damage
  • No oily buildup or greasy residue
  • No clogged pores
  • Rehydrates, restores and revitalizes dry, damaged and brittle hair
  • Restores natural brilliance to chemically-processed hair
  • Protects hair from damage caused by daily flat iron use

Hair Problem- You have dry, damaged hair. It’s over processed from relaxers and hair coloring. Your hair is burned out from the flat irons, hair curlers and blow dryers.  You are looking for that one brand that will restore moisture and shine to your hair.

Solution- nuNAAT Karite Special hair care products. Karite Special is enriched with Shea butter and vitamins to hydrate, protect, and give your hair life again. I have been using these products exclusively for over two months, and I want to share with you my thoughts on the line.

Karité Special Shampoo:
This is a lot thinner than pretty much every other shampoo I've ever tried. I think i used too much the first few times because of this. Experience noticeably stronger, healthier hair after just one shampoo. It claims you'll be able to notice a difference after one shampoo & I think it was definitely more moisturized. It smells really good!!

Karité Special Conditioner:
Again, way thinner than expected. It says: Apply to clean, wet hair and leave in for 3 minutes before rinsing. I really love this conditioner! I use this conditioners for my prepoos and also my detangular mix! It rocks. Sadly for me the bottle is really small and I wish they provided a lot more conditioner.

Karité Special Deep Conditioning Hair Mask:
 This is a really big tub, 17.6 oz to be exact! Directions say: Use twice monthly for deep, restorative conditioning. Works great on chemically-processed hair. Smooths and protects hair that’s been weakened with age. Apply to clean, wet hair. Leave in for 15 minutes. Rinse completely. This made my hair completely soft! and shiny! They said kept it until 15 min or so but i kept it on over night! keeping it over night would give you really great results. 

Karité Special Thermo Active Anti-Frizz:
Protects hair from regular blow-drying and flat iron use. This heat-activated styling product will maintain your hair’s natural shine. 
I didn't use this item.... yet! I'm really sorry, I don't use heat in my hair that much but I will try sometime.


Overall, I really love the scent of this product and my hair can only take natural stuff like Shea butter and other natural goodies! Im so thankful that they gave me there whole line and I apologize for putting this up late!

You can purchase this line & other lines from nuNAAT at WalgreensDrugstore.comSally Beauty which is where I tend to shop for new hair products.

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  1. I've never tried this line before but I'd love to try any of their products :)

    1. Their products are amazing! Thank you very much for entering and good luck! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for entering I really appreciate it!

  3. i use pantene normally im really thinkin my LO could use this seems she looks to have hair just like yours! thanks ill have to check them out

    1. Thank you for entering I really appreciate it :D

  4. I use alot of the Organic Root Stimulator products.


    1. Oh my goodness! Im trying to get that product for months! I heard its really good :)

  5. I love Rusk products - they make my hair full and shiny! I'm totally in love with their W8LESS Hair Sprays - super-fine and lightweight without making my hair sticky or crunchy. I used to be in love with Nick Chavez's Amazon Body Building Spray, but the Rusk version is even better!

    1. I love rusk conditioner! It smells really good!

  6. Replies
    1. Ive never tried mill creek before but it sounds familiar, I should check that out!

  7. It depends. I don't really have a favorite brand because for some reason my hair doesn't want to stick with just one brand. We have over 3 different brands of shampoo sitting in the shower and each time I wash my hair I have to use a different one and not the same one as I did last time I washed my hair. My hair in crazy like that, lol.

  8. I love Joico.. so good for your hair.

  9. Herbal Essence is what I usually use

  10. I'm not big on shampooing but when I need a really good clean anything that is sulfate free works, at the moment I am really digging the shampoos from the Shea Moisture brand.

  11. I love shampoo that has natural ingredient. So far I've tried yes to cucumber shampoo.

  12. I like I like Wella Shampoo and Conditioner, as long as it doesn't have sulfates i'll try it though! =)

  13. keratase - but costs too much
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  14. I've always been interested in this product i hope it works well for me :-)!

  15. I have many different favs but it depends on the season. I like Dove and Oscar Blandi

  16. Looking forward to trying these products!