Saturday, December 22, 2012

PopCorners Review & Giveaway

PopCorners sent me a large novelty box of their product to review. I tried them all and loved some of the flavors. I had not had PopCorners before and didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. PopCorners is delicious. I love them as a replacement for potato chips and some other junk foods. They are chip shaped popcorn. I was really surprised how they made it! This is a great new way to snack.



Smooth and creamy with subtle tangy notes of that signature cheddar "bite" to make your taste-buds tango. You're tasting artisanal cheddar crafted to complement - not clobber, our signature popcorn taste.  

This is one of my absolute favorite! I love cheddar cheese and I will always will. I agree what they have said! Its smooth and creamy. Its very unique and nice. I was in love with this flavor and I am really sad when I finished with this chips



If we were any more like buttered popcorn we'd leave a yucky, oily film on your fingers and mouth. Instead, our light, buttery, grease-free taste will leave you wanting more.
This flavor is also great! I though it was heavily buttery. And a little salty. But hey it taste alright.



Further confirmation that the new shape of popcorn is a hot new idea. We're spicing up the snack aisle as we pepper in the cheddar and let great popcorn taste meet the heat.
I really love the spiciness of these popcorn chips! I never tried popcorn spicy chips in my life and it taste. My friends tried this and they think it taste amazing. Its really spicy and the spices left a great kick to the popcorn.

Bottom Line:We love, love, love PopCorners and we highly recommend picking up a bag and tasting the unique difference asap! Trust me you wont be sorry! A tasty snack that is also a healthier alternative to regular potato chips….what could be better?

Buy It:
To purchase the PopCorners mentioned above visit the PopCorners website to find a retail location near you or to order online!

Popcorners was kind enough to send me their products to try and review.Here is some information from their website:

Win It:
PopCorners has very generously offered one of my lucky readers a sampler pack like the one we got to try out with some of each of the 5 available flavors!

Disclaimer- I have received these products to review in my honest opinion.


  1. CHEESY JALAPEÑO sounds to die for!!

  2. If there is cheddar popcorn, count me in! That is one flavor I love =)