Sunday, December 23, 2012

CoverYourHair Review and Giveaway!!

I am mega excited to review to you CoverYourHair! I love hair bands, Hats and all sorts of things!!

Hello Everyone!!
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                                              Today, I have a giveaway! 

Thanks to Cover Your Hair, after this review, you will all get a chance to win another $25.00 box of surprise hair accessories!!!!  

So lets get right to the review!!!

About "Cover Your Hair": "Cover Your Hair" carries everything from baby clips, travel mirrors, hats, gloves, anything hair wise, and so much more!  You can find almost anything at "Cover Your Hair" at a good price and almost any color!  Super awesome! I told my friends about this and there excited!

So I received the....

 I absolutely loves the White beret! It looks very cute and simple! this beret is exactly what I was looking for. It does not feel cheap. I wore this hat to school and everyone loved it! I told them you can get this hat at and showed them the website on my iPhone. When you received this, the hat comes stretched out for you on a circle shaped cardboard. If you are looking for a light weight cotton beret this is for you. very inexpensive. Breathable. slouchy. Nice bright white for spring/summer/Winter. Also is stylish and trendy so I don't get any weird looks from people when I wear it out. yay!!

Feather Lite Crochet Beret

A beautiful light beret. One size fits all.
  • Lots Of Colors To Choose From
  • One Size Fits All
  • All Year Round
  • Very Comfortably

Black French Wool Beret

Im absolute happy that I received the Black French wool beret! I wanted to feel cool and also feel like a artist! Lol your proprally laughing at me right now. I wore it today to the mall and some people came up to me and said nice hat! People never seen anyone wore a french beret before. 
I am wearing this as a winter hat. I had berets in the past and I know some berets they tend to be too small in the band and irritate my ears. This one is a bit larger than the ones you find in the stores and is very comfortable. It also feels a bit heavier, so it is very warm. I absolutely love this hat very much! What I also love about this is that it came in pitch black! Some hats home in shady black or off color. This hat is 100% pitch black!

Everyday Wool Beret

100% wool beret, one size fits all.
  • 100% Wool
  • One Size Fits All
  • Lots Of Colors To Choose From
  • Great For All Occasions

Price: The price is amazing and affordable! You can purchase the products reviewed here and many, many other products at Cover Your Hair's website!

All in all, Me and my Little sister are very happy and satisfied with all of these products and I would definitely recommend Cover Your Hair for all of your hair accessory needs! They truly have products for all ages, from babies to adult women! 

Purchase It: You can purchase the products reviewed here and many, many other products at Cover Your Hair's website!

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*** Disclaimer- I have been given these products to review. My review is 100% honest.

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