Monday, November 11, 2013

Wantable Fab November Review!

                     Wantable November Box Fab Review!

 Hello everyone my lovely readers! I cant wait to share you my amazing lovely wantable box! Its my first time receiving this box to review. This box took my breath away! I contacted Wantable the other day saying that they were sending me a November accessory box to review and I was instantly excited.

The Subscription: Wantable
The Description: Wantable offers both a beauty and a jewelry subscription box. Makeup boxes have 5 full-size premium makeup products selected by a makeup artist or stylist and application tips. Jewelry boxes contain 4-5 jewelry boutique items and expert accessorizing tips. New - the Intimates Box!
The Price: $36 per month


                       Vintage-Inspired Marlo sunglasses
The Vintage-Inspired Marlo sunglasses features rounded ombre frames.
These thick ombre-frame shades have a retro-chic style, with dark ombre lenses adding a sleek accent while protecting your eyes from the sun. I have to say that these glasses are extremely cuuuuutttee!! I worn them to Disney and I looked so fabulous! my sister adores them and my mom think that I look so adorable! These glasses will look so fabulous with a vampy burgundy lip and a chunky knit sweater. I cant wait to wear them in different places. These glasses are perfect for fall.
I love the color of the frames and the lenses of these glasses. They keep the sun out of my eyes and they don't pinch my head or give me a headache after wearing for a while. these glasses has a really cool ombre purple look. My favorite color is purple, Its such a mysterious weird cool color.

Carla Jean Watch

The Carla Jean watch features a sleek geometric style in timeless silver tone.
I have to say that this watch makes you look so fabulous and elegant! I really adore this fab watch. I wore my nice floral dress with my Carla Jean watch and all my friends thought I looked so nice and so pretty. I really love the color silver. Its a really nice tone. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!  I was concerned it would be too big on my wrist, but it is not and the colors look great. Great watch! It's easy to use, easy to read. It's also durable!

The Gretta Necklace

The Gretta Necklace features three strands of faceted gray stones on a gold-toned chain....
Beautiful! When I received this necklace I was really pleased with it. Love the color of the stone. Necklace long enough to go over my head and that is nice. Will make a nice Christmas gift! I wore it to school one day and Everyone loved the necklace. My friends saud that it goes perfect with my outfit! And im in love with it! I really love boho styles! it explains me really well.

Overall I’m pretty happy with this box I think it’s great that you can customize it completely, so you’ll get something completely different from your friend who has different tastes, and you’ll be far less likely to be disappointed with what you receive, which is often what holds people back from subscribing to these types of services.

Another good thing is that it was delivered fairly early in the month! Most other boxes that I’ve tried post out mid-month, so you end up receiving the box towards the end of the month. I hate waiting, so receiving the box early is a big plus in my book.

The Wantable Accessories box costs $36 for a monthly subscription that can be skipped or cancelled at any time, or $40 for a one off purchase. The company is based in the US and shipping to Australia is $9 (shipping is free within the US). It’s also fully trackable.

Thank you everyone for reading this wonderful review! I seriously love this box so much!

*I received this box in exchange for my honest review.*

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