Friday, February 19, 2016

Yummy snacking with barkTHINS® snacking chocolate

I am a HUGE dark chocolate lover!! Very Huge! I love a good snack. I'm a collage student and snacks are always a big deal for me and this saved my life!  But one thing that is really helping me out along the way is barkTHINS. They are super yummy, are chocolate mixed with good for you things, and rich enough to satisfy my cravings after just one piece. Just one piece of chocolate just makes you melt!

Here are some things about BarkThins
o Real, simple ingredients mixed with Fair Trade ingredient certified dark chocolate make
barkTHINS® shareable, portable, and snackable.
o All our ingredientsare non
GMO project verified

  barkTHINS are a line of better-for-you snacking chocolates that  are perfectly portioned thin slivers of chocolate crammed full of snack lovers’ favorite natural ingredients. Currently available in a variety seriously tasty flavors, these snacking chocolates are perfect for sharing with loved ones (or not!).

The five flavors of BarkTHINS include  Dark Chocolate Almond, Dark Chocolate Mint, Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut, Dark Chocolate Pretzel, Milk Chocolate Peanut, Blueberry Quinoa, and Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed. And I enjoyed all the flavors so much!! But the one that caught my heart is the Almond BarkThins.

The barkTHINS dark chocolate with Almonds and Sea Salt 
has become my absolute favorite chocolate snack. I've always loved dark chocolate and prefer for my candy to be less sweet. This has the advantage of being a wonderful chocolate with a yummy crunch and just the slightest saltiness added in.It is so delicious that I kept on eating the chocolate. Then i said wait.... I need to share this with my family.

BarksThins even offer readers an online discount!!

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  Disclaimer: BarkThins has sent me their products in an exchange to review!

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