Saturday, February 20, 2016

Snack On With Sexypop!

First off I have to say that sexy pop is extremely delicious and I was super surprised! The flavors are very different and the packaging reminded me of Austin powers for some reason.
Apparently, SexyPop was created by Robert Ehrlich, the founder and creator of the wildly popular and iconic Pirate’s Booty and Veggie Booty.
 SexyPop is made from the finest ingredients, It is GMO Free, Certified Kosher, Cholesterol free, and has zero trans fats!

Sexy pop sent me some of their popcorn in the flavors Black Pepper, French Butter Banging Cheddar and Brazilian Coconut. But not only popcorn, they also sent me other flavors in chips!!

My all time favorite flavor is the spinach and green tea chips!!!!
 To be honest, at first I was way too nervous to try the green tea and spinach chip. The sound of those two flavors combined sounded so strange to me! But you honestly don't know unless you try. I tired it and my whole life just changed! I tasted the spinach a little bit but it tasted really sweet the most

As well as Bangin' Cheddar. Which was also one of my favorites, so that bag didn't last long at all. We where done with the whole bags of chips and popcorn in one day...
SexyPop went quick  in my house!  I loved the fun flavors,
I would buy SexyPop for a snack anytime!

Sexypop had sent me chips and popcorn in an exchange of an review. My reviews are honest 100%

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