Saturday, January 25, 2014

Van Holtens Pickles yummy review!!

Van Holtens Pickles In A Pouch
 was given the opportunity to review Van Holten Pickles!  
A little info about us...we are a Pickle Loving Family! 
 3 Generations!

The legacy began in 1898. In 1939, Vanholten developed an original Pickle-In-A-Pouch.  Van Holten's continues to evolve using the same formula of quality, service, innovation, and passion that has made the company successful for over 100 years.

Original Pickle Flavors

Character Pickle Flavors

Lip Balm

Hearty Dill
Kosher/Zesty Garlic
Hot & Spicy
Sour Tart & Tangy
Big Papa (Hearty Dill)
Hot Mama (Spicy Hot)
Little Pepe (Pepino Picante)
Garlic Gus (Zesty Garlic)
Sour Sis (Tart & Tangy)
Lil' Sweetie (Sweet) 
Big Papa Dill Pickle

Pickles are the perfect junk food alternative. They contain no calories, no carbs, no cholesterol, gluten-free and absolutely no fat.
 My sisters wonderful burger! :D

Hot Mama: Its nice and hot. I love spicy foods. Good, very good but hot. This is your warning and if you love hot and spicy products, you will love this pickle.
Zesty Garlic: This suprisely shocked me! I thought it would taste funny and weird but I am totally wrong! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It taste so amazing and wonderful! Has that delicious garlic taste
Big Papa: Very mild and very tasty. This is my favorite pickle every!  This is my favorite because it's delicious and it's not too spicy. It just tastes like a pickle.

Hearty Dill: Delicious! This was my absolute favorite. I like trying basic and simple things! I love basic simple pickled.

Tart & Tangy: A mixture of tart and spicy. Pretty good though because it's not overly hot. If you like tart products, you'll love this pickle. 

Hot and Spicy: WARNING HOT! I am a Trinidadian and so as my parents and we eat spicy foods mostly every day! 

Dill Popcorn: I didn't know what to expect with these but they were surprisingly taste pretty good!

The chapsticks are pretty funny. They taste like dill pickles. It was so weird for me to walk around smelling like pickles lol! I thought there were going to have pickle lotion and many more.

If you've never tried Van Holten's pickles, I suggest that you run out and try some!  If you have tried them.. I'm willing to bet you love them as well. ;-)




***Disclosure Van holtens sent me their products to review.****

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