Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kernel Seasons Party Pack!

Kernel Seasons Party Super Bowl Pack!

Kernel season’s has 17 seasoning flavors along with popcorn, popcorn makers, butter, and more. With 17 different flavors there is a flavor to please the whole family.

Brian Taylor, student from University Michigan, loved making popcorn and creating personal spice blends to toss into it. Friends and fellow students loved it and came asking for more, which is when he contacted a team of flavor experts to help perfect the seasonings.  In February 1999, Brian found a note on his doorstep to meet Kernel Season's himself! Kernel Season's made it clear that he wanted him as a partner to help rid the world of naked popcorn, and the rest is history! 

 Now The Popcorn Seasons Yummy! and Delicious!!

Caramel Seasonboth sweet and savory flavors, and Caramel is the best to sweeting things up! Try mixing it with your Apple Cinnamon flavor- its like a candy apple! I like to sprinkle in or on my pancakes and even on my ice-cream to give it a really nice delicious taste! Glad that that Caramel and White Cheddar (which is wonderful on vegetables as well as popcorn)

Ranch Season- I love this on my celery, and lettuce .It is great for the dieter.Glad we were able to get such a good deal. I also really love to put it on my baked potato with some delicious cheese! :)

Nacho Cheddar  I have to say that this is the best flavor ever! CHeese is the most most favorite thing for me in the world! I can't live with out cheese. Sprinkling this on my popcorn just taste so cheesy and yummy!

Garlic Parmesan- I love garlic and parmesan cheese! I sprinkle this all over my spaghetti it is so amazing and extremely tasty! but to be honest I haven't tried this on my popcorn yet, I will try very soon.

      Kettle Corn- Im really picky when it comes to kettle corn flavor! And I have to say that this taste pretty good. And I tried microwaved kettle corn (A different brand) and it taste horrible! The kernel seasons kettle corn adds a really nice sweetness to it.

Bacon CheddarThis is seriously the best seasoning I've ever tried. I put it on popcorn, pizza, sandwiches, whatever! Has a more buttery cheesy smokiness flavor instead of all bacon. This is seriously perfect for the spuper bowel.

ButterThis low cal, low sodium buttery flavor is great on Popcorn, but also on potatoes, vegetables and a host of other items. I will not be without this wonderful seasoning.

Check them out and make sure to like them!

**** I have received this to review and this is my total honest opinion***

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