Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Omg A Product Review: Godefroy


Q:What is this?
A: Eyelash heater and My Shadow

What does it do?
It heats your eye lashes so you can look like a movie star! :)
- Can be used with or without mascara
- No pinched or broken lashes
- Slim, compact and portable
- Great for purse or travel
- Vented comb gently warms and curls lashes
- Waterproof
- Crease proof
- Can last for days
Available in 2 styles
Night Clubs

Heated Eyelash Curler
The professionals secret to flawless lashes. Heated Eyelash Curler is the tool many makeup artists use to create beautiful lashes. Say goodbye to the traditional “squeeze” curler that can pinch and break your lashes. With the revolutionary Heated Eyelash Curler, curling your lashes has never been so easy.
This was an excellent value and I have thrown away all my other eyelash curlers. It is quick, comfortable, never has to touch your skin, and leaves a very natural curve to the eyelash, no crimped look and no pinching the eyelid!

What do you need?

 you will need to buy a AAA battery ( Not Included ) To install the AAA battery remove cap. Gently pull curler end from the outer tube. Then place the AAA battery in the open area for where the battery will sit. Gently slide the tubes together. Now that the Battery in and the case is closed. Remove the cap and turn on the switch to on position. You will see a green light come on. You need to let it warm up for about 30 seconds, Doesn't take long to heat up, Next place the heated eyelash comb under eyelash line.
Its was kind of tricky for me because I was confused were to put the batteries. I was scared that I was going to brake it. But dont worry! I didnt.
Love the size of these Godefroy heated eyelash curler, It fits right anywhere. its the same size of you hand.

My Shadow
I have to say that I was really disappointed of this product.
tried these last week, very thick and plastic like and difficult to get exactly even on both sides which makes them look worse. They are very difficult to remove as well, though I guess that's what you want, if you do manage to get them on just right and like the look...very hard to get them right up to the lash line without going onto the lashes or not close enough...I can do a much better job with a multi colored palette of shadow on my own.

  impression: I believe this is a great product if you have messy eyelashes. And if you want to have super star lashes then go for it! I wish the My Shadow is more thinner


Disclaimer: My reviews are in my opinion. I dont not type fake untruthful reviews.


  1. Those My Shadows are TRASH I got some a while back and the company ensured me they were gonna stop selling them. Apparently they didnt! :(

  2. Ohh noo lol! Yeah I had really bad troubles and I have dark skin so its kinda hard to see it. Plus its hard to get them on even.