Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Munchy: Beef Jerky Caveman Fuel Review

               Caveman Fuel Beef Jerky

Caveman Fuel is a brand of all 100% Grass-Fed Beef,that comes in two flavors. I had the chance to review 2 of their products. The Original and the Peppered.

So, on to the actual jerky taste test…  As soon as I sliced open the bags, my dog Bobby and Joey followed the scent of jerky wafting through the house and demanded to be involved in the official jerky taste test.  Two sets of taste buds are better than one.

found that each of Caveman Fuel had a slightly different texture/moisture level though all of them. Each are easy to pull apart and chew. The peppered jerky seemed to be flimsy drier jerky (though still easy to chew) while the Original had a very nice moisture level very thick, very little effort to rip apart. The peppered jerky were like flimsy pieces of paper but it taste really good.

I love anything with Spices, so that was definitely my favorite.  My friends loved the Original flavor.  I also   It had a great flavor without being too overpowering.  I would definitely recommend peppered Beef Jerky. It is some of the best jerky I've had.

Spicy flavor yummy!
Really nice design

A little to salty
to thin

Would I buy it again?
I would but the peppered flavor because I am more of a spicy food person.
The original is a little salty for me.
Taste: 3 YUMS
Texture: 2 YUMS
Overall: 2 YUMS!
 Disclaimer I received this product to review. I will never never ever will write a false review to my readers. That is very dishonest. I treat my readers like royalty. You opinions may be different from mines.

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