Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gift Ideas: PlushMoji!!


Are you loving these emojis way more then you thought? Then you are at the perfect great place! Emojis play a really big part in the social media world. Such as Twitter, Youtube, Vine, list goes on and on.

About Plushmoji, it is your source for high quality plush pillow style after emoji icons. And to be honest this plush feels super super soft and its very enjoyable to hold! it says that its all new material and 100% polyester!

I have received three Plushmoji and they're the grinning emoji, Kissy face emoji, and the poop emoji my favorite on of all.
 The pillows make a super cute decoration for your room, an awesome gift for a buddy and even you can carry it around on your purse. Fluffy and adorable! 

The smiling poop, Is my favorite emoji of all! Its super funny to have around you. Its just something funny for me and yet its totally something different than the other Plushmoji. This poop emoji totally describes my life when Im feeling down, sick or just having those days! 

My Opinion: They make a perfect gift! also they make you feel very happy. I can't stop holding them because they're so soft and enjoyable.

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Disclaimer: This review is totally my own opinion. Plushmoji sent me these products for an exchange of a review. :)

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