Monday, June 1, 2015

Ditzy Cosmetics Review

Hello everyone! Hello special readers! Im excited that Ditzy Cosmetics finally arrived.
I am here today to talk about this special product that can help you accomplish something really quickly.

Ditzy went above and beyond and sent me:
- a box of Dolce (shape) brow stencil and tweezing guidelines (stencils)
- a box of Demure (shape) brow stencil and tweezing guidelines (stencils)
- a box of Dazzling (shape) brow stencil and tweezing guidelines (stencils)
- a box with 4 of each shape reusable stencils
- a brow brush duo
- natural effect brow palettes in; universal, extra dark, and extra light shades.

I never knew that this product can have a big impact on someones life. For me I barely have eye brows and this product worked for me perfectly!

I absolutely LOVE how easy the Ditzy Cosmetics stencils are to use.  I seriously recommend these to any ladies looking for an easier eyebrow routine! For me I'm not a brow master like my sister so I just have to use this for now.

My eyebrows are really dark for me so what i did I added my own black eyeshadow to the natural effect pallet and it worked perfectly!. The pallet and the stencil made my eyebrows even more thicker.

Whats even more better is this pallet is in a affordable price. Its all in one. everything that you need!

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Disclaimer: This product was completely sent to me to review! My reviews are completely honest.

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