Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Barebodysoaps Review! Yum Scented Soap!


I have to thank BareBodySoap to give me their products to review! I love experiencing new soaps. And woah I got to say that I love these soaps so much! Okfashionreviews family says Thank You!!!
I truly appreciate Rosanne’s mission to minimize the toxins her family is exposed to, as well as the way she drew inspiration for her soaps from the clean air and blue skies of rural Wyoming. We also live in the country, and being so close to creation and it’s simple goodness really does give you a fresh perspective.
The ingredients in Bare Body Soaps are coaxed from the wholesome bounty of the Earth; lovely things like olive oil, coconut oil and palm oil top the list, and then each different soap includes a variety of essential oils with beneficial properties. Lavender to calm, oatmeal to soothe, rosemary and mint to invigorate and so on. Each 4 ounce bar is $5.00 and is hand crafted with certificate vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.

love using all-natural soaps. They don’t strip my skin and leave it dry and itchy. They usually have very pleasant scents and offer the benefits of natural ingredients such as exfoliating oatmeal, astringent peppermint, or healing french green clay. Recently, I  received two organic soap samples from Bare Body Soaps Organics. My verdict? These soaps are wonderful!

How to take care of these soaps you need a soap dish where they can drain. If you do not do this they will not last as long. I really like using these bars of soap because they leave you skin smelling good. I also like them because I do not break out or allergic to them which is great. 

I had the privilege to try out Bare Body Organic Soaps in the Cocoa Mint Soap & Oatmeal soap.  We were extremely pleased!  I totally love the packaging!   It is simple but in my opinion really stands out and would draw my attention because of the Eco-friendly nature.  My family are environmentalist 

Chocolate mint has always been a scent I enjoy.  So I was excited to try it out and it far exceeded my expectations.  It had a great texture and worked as a gentle exfoliate as well as an awesome soap.  As you know my family are all about smells and both soaps met with their approval!  They lathered well ans really left our skin feeling clean and refreshed. The scents were not over the top but were a perfect balance to actually enjoy them. And also i really love chocolate. I wish this bar was edible!

The second thing I received  is the Oatmeal Soap Bar. I just really love it! its nice and simple. My mom has really sensitive skin and she cant try to much extravagant soaps. So I let her try the oatmeal soap and it didn't cause her any breakouts. It left her skin all soft and smooth. She gave me a little piece to try and it is wonderful!. If you have really sensitive skin like my mom and me then try their Oatmeal bar soap. Extremely great texture as well! 

Connect With Bare Body Soaps

If you can’t wait to give Bare Body Soaps a try, head over to their website to check them out!  You can purchase either soap sets or single bars for $6.00.  You can also connect with Roxanne from Bare Body Soaps on Facebook and Twitter.  Also head over to the Bare Body Soap website

Thank You everyone for reading this post! I really appreciate it!

Disclosure: I was provided with the soaps at no charge for my review.  All opinions expressed are truly my own.

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