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Ripleys believe it or not museum !


Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum Orlando Florida!


I was haveing a really nice chat with Joe on the phone and he gave me a chance to allowed okfashionreviews to review Ripleys believe it or not museum in Orlando Florida! I was really excited because all these years I always wondered what it looked like inside. Let me tell you I had a really great experience with my family and it was really unforgettable

As soon as you walk in the building you will get this really nice vibe! The assistants are amazing and they are very helpful! They said that you can take as many pictures as you want. I love this picture very much. It's very funny! And the entrance is very unique.

When you walk in to see the museum you will get to see a really huge African mask in full detail, Art that is totally made out of candy (beware it looks really delicious) and you will see the famous ripley disappear before your eyes! 

After you see all those wonderful African mask and necklaces you will enter in this room full of mind tricks. Watch the video! In the room I was trying to grab the jewel and I was very terrified but it wasn't that bad! I won't spoil it for you. Go to ripleys and see what happens to your hand.

The second room I kinda felt dizzy! the weird room I was at goes sideways and it had some mind messing puzzles. One of the puzzles is really hard! You have to try to get the ball and get it through a wooden hole but it won't go through. And you will see a tilted pool table and you have to place a ball on the table. My sister was shocked on what happened. Don't worry I won't spoil that too!

Then the next room it has all kinds of special African mask and special designed coffins based on the persons social life. If you fly planes you will get a plane coffin. If you are a fisher, you will get a fish coffin build handmade from wood. Awesome right?
To me the most scariest part of all to me in the museum is the two elderly couple. One is standing and the other person is posing. It just looks so unbelievably real and it scared me and my mom out so much! They look so well detailed. If you walk past them the camera will flash. Everyone is so scared to get past this guy, I mean everyone! But don't worry he won't bite.

Also that area it has some weird looking creatures like the headless chicken and a Trout covered with white fur. That is pretty weird. I wonder how is the chicken alive with no head! That is pretty strange and I wonder how the chicken knows were to go? And the furry Trout is very strange as well.

I always dream to get a Lamborghini and a Mercedes but since I see this car I changed my mind! I love this car so much and it's very creative, unique, and cool. I have never seen a car fully in detail with instruments. Me and my brother started having a mini rock band. I played the drums and he started playing the piano. The room I was in is almost like a big music room!

Then the next room I was in was a medieval execution room. It's so scary on what weapons they use to kill people. The weapons and the tools were intense. Some had spiked chairs and spikes coffins and they have really harsh axes. Thank gosh I didn't live at that time! And the Bridge is extremely scary and I actually screamed. My brother keeped on laughing at me nonstop.

Then I saw the worlds tallest guy! Robert wadlow. He is a very tall man. He wears size 23 in shoes and I wear size 6 in shoes. And I can't believe this man was 9 feet! That is extremely tall
        This is my mom on the left and my sister on the right! And my brother sitting on the biggest chair!
Now here are some woman here on this picture below. They do these bizzare things to attract men! It looks really painful. The lady on the left does foot binding the lady on the middle stretches her neck with rings and the lady on the right stretches her lips with large discs.
And also they have some strange looking people around this area. Ripleys museum have some mind popping things! I can almost pop my eyes out! I'm the eye popping master. Not quite.
And here is a guy that can put a candle on his head. I can imagine that hot wax! That looks very painful as well. And he looks like he is enjoying it! Look at his fantastic smile

That is all I have to share with you guys! I had an amazing experience at ripleys! Go there today. It's so amazing you will never regret it. You will have a mind blowing eye popping experience. It's very incredible, awesome, and fun! My family had a blast at ripleys believe it or not.

Go to their website at 

Buy tickets today! You will have loads of fun.
It's inexpensive and very affordable.

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  1. Great review! I have always wanted to visit a Ripley's Museum :)

    1. Yes visit! It's very unique. Most coolest museum I ever been! :)

  2. Looks crazy! I remember always wanting to go when I was a kid. Maybe I will visit them soon :)

  3. This place looks like so much fun! I saw one in NYC but we didn't have a chance to go. Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow very nice we have this in losangeles,ca