Sunday, March 3, 2013

BeautyBox5 Review! Cute,Awesome,Adorable! :)

Beauty Box 5 (BB5) is another beauty monthly subscription.  It is $12 a month and you receive 4-5 samples in your box.   Read on to see what BB5 has to offer.

The Packaging:
The packaging is a small blue cardboard box and inside was one of those sheer "wedding/gift" bags with the products inside. Its extremely cute and small! I just really love it! 

Lash Card: $6.99 for 10 pack
"Minimizing those mascara mistakes has never been easier! Great for maximizing curl, separating lashes and avoiding those bottom lash mishaps, these discrete little cards are your lashes new best friend!"

I received this sample of the Lash Card.  Inside had 2 cards.  Basically if you saw the Michelle Phan "business card trick" then you know what this is all about.  Since you can simply use a business card I find that this product is not worth the price in my opinion. Then again a business card is touched by many many people, either way it's up to you if you want to use it. I used this and it worked really good! When I'm in a hurry for school it usually go all over my eye lids and I do not want that at all! So using the lash card saved me from having mascara all over my eye lids! 

 Evan Moisture Creme  $13.00 0.5Z
I use this every morning and night after washing my face I love the way my skin feels in the morning when I wake up. I have seen a great improvement since using this product. Its smooth and gentle also makes my skin so soft! I haven't have any acne issues with it. It also smells wonderful and it comes in a little cute glass matte jar. Its also an airport friendly mini Moisture Creme, Is a smart moisturizer that adapts to the hydration needs of your skin. Perfect for any skin! Love love love this product. Its my favorite thing in this months box. The consistency is perfect and it smelled amazing too. I'll definitely be purchasing the full size of this! Its $13.00 its worth the price! 

 Everyday Minerals Girl Friday Blush
This blush is a beautiful matte berry-plum shade, perfect for a lot of skin tones. Gives a beautiful pop of color to the cheeks, or lips mixed with carmex, looks like a soft pink-red berry shade with a hint of cool plum. I have dark skin and it can bare the intense pigments. It added a vibrant pop of color to darker skin tones as well It's perfect for any skin tones too. I tried it on my best friend!  Gorgeous, pigmented, matte. A small container will last me a lifetime. Perfect for every season! I will wear this with everything! My Birthday is coming up super soon so can't wait to wear it again! 
♡ H.Wood.Beauty lip shine $16

H. Wood Beauty Lip ShineEven though it looks like a lipstick, it's pretty much like lip gloss. It adds shine and a hint of color. But i liked it because I'm not too big on lip stick.
I Just really love the pink/orange color! Its really pretty. I put it on my lips and my lips gets all shimmery and bright! And also I love the cap its an vintage gold color. I really recommend the Beauty Lip Shine.

Blum Naturals makeup remover (3 samples/30 pack $7.49)
 Blum Naturals Pro Age Towelettes are infused with natural and organic botanicals that gently remove eye and face makeup. Infused with organic grape seed extract that contains no synthetic preservatives or fragrances, paraben-free, no SLS, alcohol free, hypoallergenic, and PH Balanced. These towlettes were very gentle, a large size to remove all the makeup on your face. I had to put on tons of makeup for my friends birthday party and this works perfectly! I absolutely love it and beautybox5 has amazing things to offer! 

check out there website for their amazing subscription they offer-  

and once again thanks for reading my lovely blog readers!


  1. I like this box and these items. I agree though, I probably wouldn't use the lash cards often or anything but the blush is pretty!!

    1. Yes its really pretty! Thankyou very much for reading! I appreciate it :)

  2. Aww you look SO CUTE! I wish beauty box 5 would send reviewers the actual months box instead of this SAME box over and over again. I do love the lippie and the blush isn't bad though.

    1. omg Thankyou so much! Yeah I was thinking about that lol! I adore the blush a lot ! Its very pretty. Also thank you for reading :)

  3. Really beautiful colors! I love that box!

  4. awww the colors blends very well with your skin tones very nice review

  5. Great review! loved when I received mine as well! Wonderful products!

  6. That blush is pretty, but I'm not sure if I could wear it as a blush.

  7. Very cute, playful outfit!! Love it. Make up looks great too. =)!