Sunday, November 4, 2012

Parnevu Review!

Hello everyone! I have given a opportunity to review parvenu products. I was really excited when I recieved it. It was packed really nicely in green tissue paper. I can see that they respect there bloggers and there costumers allot.

What did I received?
I have received the parvenu oil styling lotion
parvenu Leave in conditioner
T-Tree Braid spray

My results?
I have to say that I was kinda disappointed with the results. I have to try these products the second time and it didn't worked for me or my sister that has relaxed hair and these products are targeted to  people that has relaxed hair.

T-Tree braid spray 3/5 it is all lot right for me. It did felt cool on my scalp but it didnt stopped the itching that well. It smelled quite good  and it is in a great price. The price is very affordable. I reccomand this one. This product is a thumbs up.
Parvenu Leave in conditioner 1/5 It left my sisters hair dry and I tried it a little also. It smelled quite annoying and it is very jelly like. It is like jello. The color of it is purple and it is very thick! That Is what I have to say to this product.
Parnevu styling lotion 1/5 it smells really strong and it bothered my nose a little.

Over all my experience was a thumbs down. I should have tried somthing else!
Disclaimer: Parnevu gave me there products to review. my reviews are 100% true. my opinions!

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