Saturday, November 3, 2012

Omg A Product Reiew!!!: Merlot Skin Care

Merlot Skin Care

I Have to say that I was Astonished using this product!!  I love this company very much and I am going to tell you the products that I have received in the mail to review.
The company is amazing to tell me that I can pick anything to review. And I was excited to try them all! I only picked 4 Items. I did not want to over do it.

Purifying Peel Off Mask

Purifying Peel Off Mask
Gently rid skin of imperfections with easy-to-apply formula.
This product texture is like glue. And by the way is kinda smells like glue but
here is the good point. This product is a great peel of mask. Its great with users that have
really sensitive skin like my mother. And it actually peels of in whole. They are some companies that have face mask and it peels offs bits and that's not great.
its super great for sensitive skin! My tried it and she has very sensitive skin. Its also fun to peel of and to have in slumber parties.

  Grape seed Oil

Grapeseed Oil
100% Pure Grape seed Oil is completely natural. Helps to nourish cuticles and repair split ends. Apply after shaving to lock in moisture.
I love it I put it on my hair this morning! and my hair looks great. And it really does smell like real grapes. it does not smell artificial. I am super happy that I have picked this one. If it run out im going to buy this if i run out.

Bath/Shower Gel

Bath/Shower Gellet me tell you, it is almost running out ;(. But it is really nice and hydrates really good.
it does not smell powerful. It smells amazing! and its very light. not to heavy or anything.

Body Butter

Body Butter
Hydrating body butter wraps skin in a luxurious, creamy formula, leaving skin soft and supple. Natural grape seed antioxidants help protect against environmental pollution.
Its amazing it left my skin moisturized for hours!
This is amazing! It has a refreshing smell and my skin feels amazing! It's just amazing!  I'll be purchasing more from them!

Thank you very much Merlot for giving me a chance to do a review. I really appreciate it !
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disclaimer: Merlot have gave me their products to review. My opinions are 100% true. You opinion may be different then mines.

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