Friday, January 22, 2016

Feel Relieved With BlueStar

As an artist I was super super excited to try out this coloring book. I was so amazed! I had to say that the drawings are  hand drawn you can see the skills and the details. You can tell that the artist are dedicated on what they do by just looking at each page. Each pages are flawless and completely hand drawn. Not a typical Dollar store coloring book. I been drawing for years to I can tell it was hand drawn off the bat. It is very well made and impressive! And this book is a they national bestselling adult coloring books.
One thing that I relized about this book is that it starts off really easy in the beginning with easy beginner mode and at the end it starts off to become complex expert level similar like a video game.
At first you would look at it and say hey! I might finish this very fast, You can! but its better to take your time and find some cool colors for your page.
I'm a collage student currently taking some really stressful classes and the coloring books relieves you and helps you so much

About Blue Star
We launched Blue Star Coloring in early 2015 with the release of our first Adult Coloring Book, Stress Relieving Patterns. Since then, our trio has quickly grown into a troupe of creative, talented publishers dedicated to a simple mission: Share the love of coloring with the world, and have a great time doing it.
In pursuit of that, we collaborate with independent illustrators to develop fresh, forward-thinking coloring books, ranging from seasonal offerings like Spirit of Halloween to unique titles like Yoga Kitties and It’s Owl Good. We also work with domestic and international partners to make our books available to coloring fans around the globe.

I am very interested in trying out these books in the future. I'm very excited!

Disclaimer: BlueStar Sent me their adult coloring books in a exchange for a review. I seriously love this product and my opinion can be differ from yours.

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