Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ergonomic pen - UGLee Pen & Giveaway!

   Uglee Pen

Hey you guys! I am going to review this product to you and its called 'Uglee Pen'. One of the best pens I ever used! I'm hoping to buy more of their pens in the  future. This pen is created and used by a real physician.  Also this would be my first giveaway.         

What is this? : Uglee Pen

The Review
UGLee Ultimate Grip Ergonomic Pen, Rollerball, Medium Tip, Black Gel Ink, Assorted Color Barrel (UG-7001)Uglee pen is great for office, school, writing, and many more. Its great for people that have a pain with there fingers like me. I used so many hard pens and pencils that is bruised my finger. So when I received the pens in the mail, I have gotten really happy.
Uglee pen has a thick long grip. That is my favorite part about this pen. I like using grips for pens and pencils. But Uglee pen has the best grip in the world for me. Nice and soft. Even has glitter on it as well. You don't have to grip this pen... It grips you. My friends and family says that is feels really comfortable.
When you write, it feels really smooth. Honest its really smooth then other pens I have tried in the past.
The looks of this pen is really unique looking. My friends cant stop staring at my pen. Take a look ..

Who made this product?:  Hello I'm Dr. James Lee,
inventor of the Uglee Pen. Believe me, I have put a lot of thought into the creation of this pen. I know that I haven't come up with the cure for cancer, or even the common cold, though that is next on my list! But what I have done is designed the world's first, truly comfortable ergonomic pen. Please, try one of my pens. You will be amazed at the comfort. Even if you never thought you had problems with writing pains. You will love the Ultimate Grip Pen, guaranteed!

Where to buy it?
Just click on the red pen and it will lead you to the website.

uglee pen red


To WIN your very own 3 pack

This 3 pack pen giveaway is a $30.00 Value

Since its back to school im going to do a giveaway!

  • 3 Pack Pen (Random Colors)
How to enter?

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Uglee pen gave me pens to review their products. I dont get paid to type down false information. Thats is not the truth! Why would I do that?


  1. I love the way that this pen looks. I use a pen at work when I have to make notes for myself and I think this would be great. Thanks for the chance.